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Acoustic Testing Services Limited (ATSL) is a totally independent acoustic testing laboratory in Hong Kong, not subsidiary or sister company of any companies. ATSL is accredited by the Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) which is an accreditation scheme operated by Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) to provide acoustic tests and measurements for the public. Accreditation of ATSL is granted by HOKLAS with Registration Number 173 on 3rd May, 2006.

HOKLAS Certificate

We are equipped with sophisticated instruments to provide a full range of laboratory and field acoustic testing services as follows, but not limited, to the public. Details of tests within scope of accreditation shall refer to the latest scope.


Testing & Measurement Services


Laboratory Tests


Sound Insulation Test

ASTM E90; ASTM E1332; BS EN ISO 10140-2; BS EN ISO 140-3; BS EN 1793-2;

ISO 140-10; GB/T 19889.3

Sound Absorption Test

ASTM C423; BS EN ISO 354; BS EN 1793-1; GB/T 20247

Impact Insulation Test

ASTM E492; ASTM E2179; BS EN ISO 10140-3; BS EN ISO 140-6; BS EN ISO 140-8

Rain Impact Noise Test

BS EN ISO 140-18

Ceiling Attenuation Test

ASTM E1414; BS EN ISO 10848-2; BS EN 20140-9; ISO 140-9

Flanking Transmission Test for Raised Floor

BS EN ISO 10848-2

Sound Power Level Test

BS EN ISO 3745; BS EN ISO 3741

SWL Test for AHU System

BS EN ISO 3743-1 & ARI 260

Flanking Transmission Test for Facade

BS EN ISO 10848-2

Acoustic Tests for Silencer

ASTM E477; BS EN ISO 7235; GB/T 25516

Sound Diffusion Test

BS ISO 17497-1



Field Measurements


Sound Insulation Test

BS EN ISO 140-4; ASTM E336;

Reverberation Time Test

BS EN ISO 3382-2

Impact Insulation Test

BS EN ISO 140-7; ASTM E1007

Rain Impact Noise Test

ATS-IHM002-RI (In house method)

Noise Criteria (NC) &
Noise Rating (NR) Tests

ATS-IHM001-NC (In house method)


Computer Simulation & Modeling


Computer Simulation & Modeling


Room acoustics simulation for room acoustics, auditorium acoustics and industrial noise control 


Sound computation in the entire building according to EN ISO 12354 Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
and 6

SONarchitect ISO by Sound of Numbers

Sound Insulation Prediction

INSUL by Marshall Day Acoustics

Sound Absorption Prediction

Zorba by Marshall Day Acoustics

Acoustic Calculation for sound transmission from indoor to outdoor or outdoor to indoor

Minerva by Marshall Day Acoustics


ATSL has one main laboratory located in Hong Kong and three laboratories located in Guangdong province, China for different laboratory acoustic tests and measurements.